Hyxhuathil Briefing

Discussing the Future

HexFang checks the room over briefly, making sure their conversation will be private. Then, she relays her plan: “Listen, these infants need to be cared for.” Gemscale looks at his egg, and thinks back to their journey on the way here. Over 4 days, the eggs gave no indication of change. Gemscale’s egg showed no signs of ‘preference’ for the cold, although it maintained the cool temperature for longer throughout the day when travelling. No movement comes from the eggs at all, and there’s a possibility they have been calcified beyond life, although the temperature reactions suggest otherwise.

Gemscale and Lorrias spend a few evenings poring over the parchments and book that the gold dragon rescued from the tower a few days prior. The book contains the following spells, of which Lorrias is unable to copy any of them as yet since he does not have access to the required materials -
1st Level Spells: Expeditious Retreat
False Life
Find Familiar
Illusory Script
Protection from Evil and Good
2nd Level Spells: Ray of Enfeeblement

The Journal entries relating to the dark lord and living flame may be referring to Dargyntad, or another literally dark-coloured being. There are allusions to fire moving of its own accord, but the journal entries freely mix metaphor with factual report. This is, however, a detail previously missed; this dark lord is said to manipulate their surroundings.
“And lo, this force of darkness charges many to his service. With correspondence south and east, approaching the World’s Crown comes news of kingdoms, once bitter foes, now confederated. A Queen most foul, a servant of darkness, leading this charge. This Dark Lord’s taste for death sated by causing living flame to walk through forest and grove, the Queen of Death rising over it all on wings of fury.” It appears a distant queen, in the service of this dark lord, united various smaller empires and began slaughtering those that didn’t join.

Another section says this: “The Dark Lord has dominion over death. The World Spine holds no sway over his power; no sooner is a foe slain, the claw of darkness reaches over the winds and ranges and holds their soul. A fistful of torture, he throws spirits back to the world of men to serve at his pleasure. The dark lord’s fist also holds his own soul. Death cannot stop him.”

The parchments are orrery readings and stellar charts. Notes allude to interpretations of the Taihun’s intentions. It appears there is a prediction of three harbingers descending from the heavens to announce the arrival of a blade of swift death striking a southern kingdom and making a river of blood. Another reading suggests a divided kingdom dispersing soon. A scribble note to the side gives the monk’s personal interpretation that this alludes to the nearby city of Hargijk.

Now inside Tuhril’s room, the giant sits bolt upright and barely moves as he speaks, seemingly becoming one with the stone. “I will leave in an hour to speak to my contact. My contact will share with me the information I asked for. The information I asked for will help me determine a safe route south for HexFang. I will stay for an hour to answer questions and be your host.” He then slowly reaches for an instrument that for him would be a small brass horn, but is large enough almost to sit in. When he’s not responding to questions, he plays long, steady notes in a slow but uplifting melody.

What do you do?

Hexfang +15XP
Gemscale +15XP
Zadkiel +15XP
Aar +15XP
Lorrias +15XP



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