Haunted Fishing Village pt. 4

Imp Confession

Erimeyoma curses as the shoulder wound stings sharply, the poison passed on metastasising a little ways. Her body would heal, she reminds herself; poison has less of a hold on her body than it might for others. Still, it hurt. Her arm drops slightly, unable to hold the full weight of the quarterstaff.

Ouriana spots the two ravens flapping wildly around Erimeyoma. Swinging her arms around her body, she moves her left arm around her back and fingers the thong tied to the bow. Spreading it over the small knub she has on her backpack she hooks the bow on, freeing her left hand. At the same time, she brings her right hand from slightly behind her forward past her hip. Pulling a knife from its scabbard, she flings it into the air straight upwards. It spins, and bending her arm up and flexing her bicep she grabs the knife by the blade and whips her right arm forward as far as it will go. The blade leaves her hand turning only slightly in the air to point the blade at a raven. The blade’s aim is true, but the raven it flies towards hurls itself to the side and then turns its head to stare at the Tiefling. Seeing it is suitably distracted, Erimeyoma takes advantage and swings her quarterstaff down on top of it, crushing its skull and sending the body crashing to the ground.

The last raven, sensing its demise, gives a few strong flaps and rises into the air. It disappears after a few seconds, seemingly folding into the wind itself.

The shadow over the house is gone, although the wood still creaks slightly as though settling back into place.

Ouriana wanders over to Erimeyoma and pick up her dagger from the ground nearby. The two quickly catch their breath, look over the two dead bodies at their feet, and then both turn their heads to look over at the creature still breathing. All are now Imps, as Ouriana has seen their kind before and knows them well. The two dead ones are simple Imps now. The other, however, is wearing a metal harness. Walking over, pulling the arrow from its wing, the pale forester checks over the Imp. The harness is pinned into its spine under the skin, has an attached gauntlet that almost covers and entire arm, and appears to function as a power enhancement for the creature. It seems that the harness is designed to focus infernal energies and produce spell-like effects.
“Are you alright? Are you injured?” Ouriana asks while looking at the Imp, but obviously directing the question to the squamous woman behind her.
“Yes, and yes. But I’ll live.” Erimeyoma uses her quarterstaff to pin the living Imp down.

Narrowing her eyes and growling at the Imp, Erimeyoma’s voice reverberates with a lower tembre not her own. “Who are you? And why did you attack us?” Terror shoots through the tiny eyes of the creature.
[In Infernal] “W… we serve our master Beghazul! Flesh for Beghazul is all we craved! Frighten you, we would; feed on you, we would; please, return me to my master! Let me leave so I can share your greatness with my master!”
Erimeyoma looks confused, not understanding the language used. Ouriana responds in Infernal “And where is your master, little Imp?”
“What did it say?”
Ouriana looks over to her new companion and switches to the common tongue. “He serves someone named Beghazul. He wants to offer us to his master…”
“I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not on the menu. Who, what, and where is Beghazul?”
The Imp responds, understanding Erimeyoma but too frightened to switch languages.
[In Infernal] “Not offer; parley! I wish to bring no further harm to the two of you! You have bested me in battle! Release me, and I will tell my lord to leave you be!”

He gives little information on this “Beghazul”, but he says that he is simply here to consume spirits from the town. He also wanted to start a side-enterprise converting living victims into slaves for his master, but didn’t anticipate being so easily defeated. He begs and pleads to be released, warning that his master will avenge his destruction if he doesn’t return.

What do you do?

Erimeyoma +10XP
Ouriana +15XP



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