Haunted Fishing Village pt. 3

Poison Strikes

The ravens fold over in the air and dive down, splitting their attentions between the two warriors. The one that spoke zooms down and tries to snap its beak on Ouriana’s arm. Separating her readied arrow, the horned fighter backhands the raven with her bow hand, batting it away, and she then deftly nocks, draws and looses another arrow after it, managing to take it down in the singular fluid motion. The arrow pierces a wing, and the creature flops hard to the ground. Its chest still heaving, it is incapacitated but alive.

The other two dive at Erimeyoma, her mouth opening to eject a poisonous stream of liquid. It hits one of the ravens and seems to sizzle on its feathers, but doesn’t look as though its done any damage. The birds swipe by, one of them biting the Dragonborn hard on the shoulder. It flips over and flaps rapidly as it tries to right itself, but then swoops smoothly away up into the air again. The mark in her shoulder stings harshly, causing her to whince and move a hand to cradle her wound.

Roll for initiative (1d20 + your dexterity modifier). What do you do?

Erimeyoma too 5 damage. She also needs to make a Constitution saving throw (1d20 + your Constitution modifier (+ your proficiency modifer, if applicable)). The DC is 11. If you fail, you take 10 poison damage. If you succeed, you take half of that (5).

The ravens are 10 feet straight up in the air. You can hit them with a melee weapon.

Erimeyoma +20XP
Ouriana +15XP



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