Haunted Fishing Village pt. 12

Ouriana snatches the material and tilts her head as she reads the words, holding the fabric out to show Eri. “Well, this is not what I was expecting… How do we free a spirit?” Her voice low. The firelight gives her pale skin a soft glow and her horns soft definition against the dark room.
Eri reads the words a couple of times, trying to divine all possible meanings despite the brevity. ‘Trapped.’ Does he mean just him? How can a ghost be trapped? Trapped by whom? Are the demons responsible? ‘Free me.’ He must mean just he is trapped; how does one free a ghost? What bonds would keep one? ‘Look after Moira.’ It’s clear that Moira was correct and this ghost is that of her Charles. What is keeping Charles here? Why is he trapped if he’s here with his wife?

Eventually Erimeyoma blows through clenched teeth, the questions dancing around her head. Her serpentine eyes catch the small flames of the firepit and makes the light dance among the flecks of green and gold.
“At a guess, I’d say we first need to find out how he died. If there is nothing unusual there then maybe seek out a cleric. I’m not all that familiar with spirits or the afterlife.”

Another piece of fabric is picked up, presumably by the invisible Charles, but is then immediately dropped to the floor. A moment later, Moira walks back in with her pot full of water. “Tea? I’m making a fresh pot.” She gives an awkward smile without meeting anyone’s eye as she strides and clambers over the piles of rubbish strewn about the place. She places the pot of water atop a metal tripod she places over the firepit and looks about for cups. She stands up as straight as she can despite finding it more comfortable to hunch and withdraw into herself. She’s happier now, the stress of thinking herself mad seemingly on its way out. Absently moving her hand over her hair, bringing up the bit at the back to atop her head and letting it drop again, she looks from pile to pile of crockery and clothes trying to find a cup for tea.

What do you do?

Erimeyoma +10XP (145 Total XP)
Ouriana +10XP (155 Total XP)



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