Citadel Delve pt. 47

Choices Made

Ero looks down into the pit, watching his newfound friends sneaking up on an unaware man and readying themselves to capture him. Torn, he moves to entrance, cutting off Geran’s escape while visibly removing his support for action against the Elf.

Theodore looks over the small pup in his hands, the realisation of its demise sinking deeper into him. His voice breaks as he speaks. “I-I’m sorry. I can’t do anything. I can’t save him. It’s too late.” Taking his hand and covering the small cub, he reluctantly gets ready to hand it over to the mushroomoids. He stops, however; was that a kick?
He had felt for a pulse, any sign of life and found none. His skills were not lacking. He pulled his hands close to his chest and opened them up to look upon the wolf again. Struggling to open its eyes, the cub wobbles as it tries to lift its head. A wimper and another leg twitch, and then it falls asleep, chest heaving up and down. It is tired, malnurished and still badly hurt, but it’s alive! Gently rubbing the back of its neck, Theodore rifles through his pack with his other hand trying to grab something small that it can eat.

Darrin and Adrik pick themselves up from their crystal-induced episodes. Both men feel an emptiness inside; Adrik feels cut off from the Feyweave for the first time in decades, while Darrin simply feels… more spacious. He feels like his anger has subsided somewhat and his mind a little clearer. Adrik feels great loss and sorrow, and the weight of years of isolation. But he looks up at the wolf cub now moving, and feels the sudden wash of comfort that he saved a life. He also feels that his savrifice produced another effect nearby, but his grasp on the flow of the Feyweave around him dwindles by the second until it is all gone.

Talison looks to Nix, who gives the signal to go. Almost as if choreographed, Bennet and Korik leap a foot into the air and land softly on the hard stone of the ridges of the pit wall, avoiding the granular dirt and smaller loose stones that would make noise. Skipping from ridge to ridge, the two rogues look like dancers they way they lift their knees quite high in order to control their landings and soften the sound. The others down below barely notice them, and they know that they’re there. Odds are that Geran won’t notice them until it’s too late, Talison catches himself thinking. His tactician’s mind still alerted him from time to time.

Nix stands up a little straighter and walks casually out from behind the pillar, Jila, Lorawyn (still shaped like a cat) and Talison quickly padding softly behind the Elven Noble. Lorawyn gets to him first, startling the man as he muses “Hello, there, cat.”
Leaping upon him first, Jila launches into the air with a grunt and tackles Geran, delivering a swift punch to the jaw before grabbing his arms and crossing them over his front. Talison rushes to wrap rope around his feet, managing to grapple the flailing limbs and tie them taught and together. Bennet and Korik skid to a halt by his head, kicking up aa small amount of dust and dirt into his face, causing him to spit and splutter. Korik casually removes his rope bundle from the side of his backpack and hands it to Bennet, neither man taking their eyes off Geran. Together, they grab his hands and tie securely around his wrists and weaving between his fingers, stopping him from using them in any spells.

“Wha- Why can’t I shift? What have you d-mph!” Geran screams, his eyes widening in horror. Bennet stands and claps his hands together, trying to clear them of dust and dirt after he tied a rag around Geran’s head and into his mouth, gagging him. Nix stands by, simultaneously comforted by the achievement and safety, while being aware of the suspicion and caution being communicated by the mushroom folk now. They are keeping a wide berth, huddling together and looking frightened.

The mushroomoids on the other side of the monolith also react the same way, pulling away from Theodore and eyeing him suspiciously, the smaller one cuddling into a larger one.

Jila stands up from sitting on Geran’s chest, breathing heavily and wiping his mouth, realising that in his anger he had started frothing slightly. He gives a sharp look to Nix as if he has just been caught, and then quicly straightens up and regains his usual look of defiance. He moves to Talison and claps him once on the shoulder before retreating to sit with his back against the wall of the pit as he looks at Geran. “Highborns…” he snorts derisively.

What do you do?

Talison has 1 level of exhaustion, meaning he has disadvantage on all ability checks. This does not include saves or attacks.

Talison +10XP
Nix +10XP
Darrin +5XP
Lorawyn +5XP
Adrik +15XP
Ero +15XP
Theodore +15XP



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