Citadel Delve pt. 43

Strangers in the Dark

Nix checks over her repair work on the stone doorframe, seeing that it’s completely intact. Lorawyn moves to stand next to her, readying herself for whatever the noise might entail. Standing up straight, Nix straightens her clothes and breathes out firmly, satisfied. With a stride, she walks confidently through the doorway, Lorawyn following immediately behind.

Everyone follows, most with weapons drawn and eyes looking around. Between Simon and Ero’s lights, the cave near the group seems bright, the slick wet stone reflecting it and amplifying the effect. Not far outside of this bright glow, the pitch black stares back at the party.

Ero stands before the fungal man, his face an irreverent scowl for a few seconds, and then, almost as if struck by an electric shock, his eyes soften and his posture deflates. The red of his eyes falters, the light of Ero’s shield catching a more irridescent black now.

Charging up behind him, Talison rushes to Ero’s side, greatsword drawn. Skidding to a stop and almost slipping, he manages to catch himself. Theodore slowly pulls up alongside, the three of them facing off against the diminutive mushroom person.

Jila, sticking close to the huddled mass around Simon’s staff light, murmurs out loud “What the hell is that thing?”

Almost responding, the creature waddles, shifting its weight from side to side, directly towards Ero. Stopping a foot away, it then strains backwards to look up at him, its eyes bending upwards at the outer corners, one stub arm reaching out.

Theodore’s bow arm begins to ache at being drawn for so long, and he hesitantly lowers his bow and undraws it, but keeps the arrow nocked.
“Anybody want to try and talk to this thing?”

Amongst the nearby stalagmites and uneven stone floor, more of the creaking can be heard. And far away, perhaps a half mile, there seems to be a faint glow.

What do you do?

Talison has 1 level of exhaustion, meaning he has disadvantage on all ability checks. This does not include saves or attacks.

Talison +10XP
Nix +10XP
Darrin +5XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Adrik +10XP
Ero +10XP
Theodore +10XP



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