Citadel Delve pt. 41

The Frontier

After some rest the hour approaches midnight. The cold of the outside seems to stay at bay, the glow of Simon’s staff providing light and the huddle of bodies and the occassional puff of warm air from Adrik’s subtle but continuous manipulation of the Feyweave throughout the respite provides enough heat. Well fed and nourished, Simon passes around a waterskin as the impromptu indoor camp is broken down and packed away.

Approaching the doorway cautiously, Bennet and Adrik look around the edges, the circular doorway separating the yellowish-grey stonework of the citadel from what looks to be a freezing cavern ahead. Simon’s light only penetrates so far, but it looks like a huge cave filled with stalagmites and stalagtites. A whooshing sound can be heard, and tiny fragments of green glass can be seen on the ground, along with another clay square, just beyond the doorway.

Unlike at the entrance, there is no door. Everyone can simply look into the cavern. Bennet, however, looks nervously back at the group, wordlessly asking if, given the writing, he should step over the threshold…

What do you do?

The writing on the wall reads “Entry only for the worthy. Those that fail the test will suffer.”

Talison has 1 level of exhaustion, meaning he has disadvantage on all ability checks. This does not include saves or attacks.

Talison +15XP
Nix +15XP
Darrin +15XP
Lorawyn +15XP
Adrik +5XP
Ero +15XP
Theodore +15XP



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