Citadel Delve pt. 39

Second Druid Door

Talison, Bennet, Adrik, Jila, Simon and Theodore are charging down the tunnel, making it most of the way to the bottom. The Dark Fey raises her elbows, the bony arms trying to lift Wudmirk's head out of Nix's reach slowly, but seeming unable to do so. It's like the head weighs a hundred pounds. Nix however effortlessly holds on to Wudmirk's head, her eyes closed, her forehead leaning in towards his.

Ero gingerly stands from his crouched position protecting Nix with his shield, instead reaching out slowly, fingers outstretched. The mumbling and humming of the creature waggling and gyrating like a puppet provid no distraction for Ero as he lightly touches Wudmirk's earlobe.

Feeling his body go hollow, Ero senses a wind within, a gale force of energy he cannot focus on. It simply fills up his skin as if to break it. The sound of the wind drowns his ears, forcing out all other voices. Straining to keep his eyes open, they begin to roll back in his head as he strains to contain this power within. As an image begins to coalesce in his mind, a face most familiar, it is instantly blanched by brilliant white light. Wudmirk's head and hair shine bright, the cold glow creating deep stretches of black shadow behind the sharp features of the Dark Fey.

The strain in him rescinding as quickly as it came, Ero looks to his left. Darrin has one hand on Nix's shoulder, a barely visible pulse moving from his hand into her. Nix leans in closer to Wudmirk's head, her face almost disappearing in the bright light. The light brightens, forcing everyone to avert their eyes. Within a couple of seconds, the light completely disappears, leaving behind just the tunnel looking far gloomier than it started.

Wudmirk's head slaps the ground and rolls towards the slope past Nix and Darrin. The Dark Fey stands still and silent, mouth agape. A strained gasp slowly squeaks from her throat before she is struck quiet once more. An arrow spears into her left leg at the same time Lorawyn, still in the form of a cat, leaps into the air and dives onto her face, drawing her claws deeply into and across the Dark Fey's pointed features. As she's leaping back down to the ground, the green-black ichor from inside of the creature begins to burn at her paws.

Screaming loudly and holding her face with her long, bony hands, the Dark Fey steps backwards towards the portal, falling backwards into it with help from Korik's outstretched leg. His face contorted into the very shape of loathing, angered at his mind being affected by this demon. The Fey sinking deeper into the puddle of fungus seems to cause a reaction, the portal shrinking in size until only a small, black tendril is left poking up from between the stone blocks of the floor. The stretching, slopping sound of the receding portal ends abruptly, the only sounds in the tunnel now being heavy breathing and the footfalls of boot on stone.

As everyone collects at the base of the tunnel slope, Theodore and Jila quickly take stock of their surroundings while Adrik and Simon look to the others to see who needs support. The area seems to be as wide as the tunnel, more than a dozen feet across. It stretches ahead a short distance, perhaps thrice the width, before ending in a concave wall. This wall, barely lit by Simon's staff, is covered in the same writings as those around the door at the entrance. Simon cannot read it, but Lorawyn and Adrik can. Adrik peers at the door in the middle of the wall; it's an empty doorway, no barrier at all. It's only just taller than Korik, circular and edged in similar swirling patterns to those outside. The writing on the wall reads "Entry only for the worthy. Those that fail the test will suffer."

What do you do?

Korik has 1 level of exhaustion, meaning he has disadvantage on all ability checks. This does not include saves or attacks.

Lorawyn has 1 level of exhaustion, meaning she has disadvantage on all ability checks. This does not include saves or attacks.

Talison has 2 levels of exhaustion, meaning he has disadvantage on all ability checks. This does not include saves or attacks. His speed is also halved.

Korik +5XP
Talison +5XP
Nix +15XP
Darrin +15XP
Lorawyn +10XP
Adrik +5XP
Ero +10XP
Theodore +10XP



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