Haunted Fishing Village pt. 13

Adrik holds his hand out of the cave, giving his companion a scratch behind their ear as he checks for rain. The sound of heavy rain had stopped, but the light patter from the sky remains. The wolf’s ears then prick up suddenly. Adrik turns and puts his hand to the hilt of his weapon, ready for anything.

Darrin gasps heavily for air as he breaches the surface of the water, his arms flailing at the sloping tunnel while he tries to gain purchase and climb out. The others are behind him, surfacing and climbing out of the murky pool. Once everyone reaches the mouth of the cave, Lorawyn and Theodore share with Adrik all that transpired within.

The party is covered in mud. Regardless, Nix and Theodore take their respective leads and urge the others to move on. As they approach the small town and the remaining few wagons that will take them south, Nix pulls Theodore aside to have a private conversation.
“Theodore. We may have to move our separate ways. My people are gathering at the Citadel. I have to be there for them. It has been an honour to travel with you. May we meet again soon, my friend.”
Theodore nods in agreement. “I understand. It was an honour travelling with you also. I too hope we meet again. May it be sooner than we both think.”
Nix turns to the others and speaks in a loud and clear voice. “Those headed to the Citadel, with me. The rest of you, I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I hope we meet again sooner rather than later.”

The journey takes more than a week, but eventually, the envoys of the Druid Order, Adrik, Lorawyn and Theodore, arrive at Bersault-on-the-Sea. The rumours of a Goblin raid on the town of Somergleam not long ago turned out to be true, but thankfully the kingdom held and fought off the invaders. Other tales, those of a large Gnome wagon train heading West from Garric Hollow, bring some comfort to the party as they realise this will have been the reinforcements Nix requested. At least they have backup. Adrik and Lorawyn see the Salty Bandit tavern where their adventures with Nix and Darrin started as they ride by Bersault-on-the-Hill.

The small fishing village seems quiet and sullen, almost in mourning. Small boats can be seen off the coast, nets being cast and lines being reeled. While there are few buildings here, the village is technically part of the small collection of hamlets around Somergleam that all make up Bersault. Stopping off in the Salty Bandit, they met with a burly man called Arth. He shared his tale with the Druids, revealing that he was on his way further North to Somergleam in order to get help for a young girl in his charge. The young girl, named Tel, was apparently involved with some supernatural events that have been occurring for the last few months in the fishing village. Arth makes mention of two others that had taken interest in the events of the last few months, and that if the Druids wanted to help they might speak with them. He advised they speak to Moira, the village wise-woman.

Eri goes and helps Moira look for cups, organising things as she goes by picking up occasional rags and folding them, neatening up some stacks of parchment and so forth. “Things must have been hard since he passed. How are you holding up, Moira?”
Moira looks at the ceiling for a moment, and it’s unclear whether she’s thinking or noticing a spider. “I think I’ll be okay, dear. I’m a little shaken, but nothing a pot of tea won’t fix.”

Ouriana walks over to a window and peeks outside, keeping an eye out for any type of danger. “Moira, where in the village would we find a Cleric?”
As she places the filled pot over the lit fire pit, Moira begins to hum a little between every few words. “A Cleric? I don’t think you’ll find anything of the sort outside of Somergleam. There’s a priest in town, though. He ministers the rites and rituals around here. I also know a thing or two about the herbs around abouts. Why? you got an itch?” She then looks over to another pile of stuff and her face softens from its lighter demeanour somewhat. “So he’s really real… You know, I thought I was going batty. I wonder… Are… Are you going to stay? Can you stay?” She waits for a moment, and then smiles sadly and returns her attention to the pot.

She then darts her head up and marches towards the door. “How many? We can’t feed the whole village, now!” Moira opens the door and shouts. “NO! I have a small house and two visitors. You’ll have to wait outside!” Moira then slams the door. The old fisherwoman that escorted Adrik, Lorawyn and Theodore from the tackle shop to Moira’s house stands dumbfounded.
“I’m sorry… you’re on your own now. That’s her house at any rate. I think the strangers are with her.” She turns to return to her work. “Be careful around them, mind. They said they got tangled with Demons last night. I wouldn’t stick around, I were you.” She continues talking despite now being too far away to keep a conversation going.

The Druid Order party now stands outside the ramshackle house of Moira after having the door slammed in their face before they were even introduced, the cool ocean breeze bringing with it a soft saltiness. Erimeyoma and Ouriana are inside, waiting for the pot to boil.

What do you do?

Has Adrik named the wolf? If he has, I’ve forgotten it, sorry.

Erimeyoma +10XP (155 Total XP)
Ouriana +10XP (165 Total XP)
Adrik +15XP (875 Total XP)
Lorawyn +15XP (980 Total XP)
Theodore +15XP (525 Total XP)

Somergleam Stopoff pt. 8


Cosima Kylie Colquhoun
Fallo Ben McInnis
Laucian Jesse GrayWing Alexander

Fallo smiles at Owen broadly. “If it is help you want, then it is help you will get. I know you will not be disappointed, no you won’t. I guarantee it!”
Owen reveals over the course of the conversation that Jooren Besal, the Seer and court magician, might be worth visiting to find more information on the Jungfruds.

Cosima heads back to the table and looks over Owen, Fallo and Laucian. “Can’t be all done yet boys? Drink up! We just got here!” She sits next to Owen and speaks to him privately in a hushed but steady tone. “I think it’s overdue for me to divulge more information to you. You see this business before, when we met? Before I had a chance to tell you, you took chase after the dagger wielding, cloaked, wall-slipping bandit and now we are here, you see. Well, the thing is… you just weren’t asking the right questions. And, well, I didn’t know until we arrived here the whole story, as you weren’t very perceptive or forthcoming with your responses to mine… You should know that the noble you were looking for was indeed in our company, but he was not seeking refuge. On the contrary, he took some persuasion to allow us to escort him… I knew something was off, buy]t I couldn’t quite put my finger on it; which isn’t like me, really.” She said a bit louder with a smug look. “If you know what I mean!”

Owen is disappointed and frustrated at Cosima for misleading him, stressing that he was lead to understand that this Elven Noble was dangerous. Perhaps the Gnome caravan is in grave danger…

Laucian looks to the others and in a small whisper asks a question. “Have any of you heard of a devil by the name of Beghazul?” His fingers have stopped drumming as he pulls out a small black candle.
Cosima’s laughing face drops in confusion. "A what by the name of who now?”
Owen is distracted by the question, his face now drained of colour. “… How do you know that name?” He grits his teeth and his eyes seem wild and frightened.
“We should go and speak to Jooren. NOW!”

He stands and marches out of the door, not waiting for anyone to follow.

What do you do?

Cosima +10XP (155 Total XP)
Laucian +10XP (90 Total XP)
Fallo +10XP (60 Total XP)

On the Road At Last pt. 12

Adrik holds his hand out of the cave, giving his companion a scratch behind their ear as he checks for rain. The sound of heavy rain had stopped, but the light patter from the sky remains. The wolf’s ears then prick up suddenly. Adrik turns and puts his hand to the hilt of his weapon, ready for anything.

Darrin gasps heavily for air as he breaches the surface of the water, his arms flailing at the sloping tunnel while he tries to gain purchase and climb out. The others are behind him, surfacing and climbing out of the murky pool. Once everyone reaches the mouth of the cave, Lorawyn and Theodore share with Adrik all that transpired within.

The party is covered in mud. Regardless, Nix and Theodore take their respective leads and urge the others to move on. As they approach the small town and the remaining few wagons that will take them south, Nix pulls Theodore aside to have a private conversation.
“Theodore. We may have to move our separate ways. My people are gathering at the Citadel. I have to be there for them. It has been an honour to travel with you. May we meet again soon, my friend.”
Theodore nods in agreement. “I understand. It was an honour traveling with you also. I too hope we meet again. May it be sooner than we both think.”
Nix turns to the others and speaks in a loud and clear voice. “Those headed to the Citadel, with me. The rest of you, I wish you the best of luck in your journey. I hope we meet again sooner rather than later.”

Finding favourable weather for the travel, with the rainstorm moving north behind them, Nix, Talison, Darrin, Ero, Ezra and Kain, along with their Dwarven companions and the young girl travelling with the samurai warrior all manage to make good time. In around a week the group travels overland, making up the last days of their journey back to the Citadel of Uril. It approaches late afternoon of the 11th day since they left Korath, the hilly terrain and the brief Goblin distraction having lost them a few days. However, the hill representing the cresting remains of the former Jewel of the South appears on the horizon giving comfort to those growing weary of the long journey.

Meeting up with the assembled Dwarven carriages half a mile out, they share that they scouted a Gnome contingent at the far side. They have made contact and are currently working to the same goal of securing the area against further disruption, but the Dwarves have been cautious and wanted to wait for Nix to confirm that these Gnomes are the ones she contacted.

With hundreds of Dwarves on this side, and more Gnomes on the other, the Citadel is currently well protected. Gidye, emerging from one of the covered carriages and wearing the armour of a standard soldier, casts her helmet aside and walks up to the group as they gather and discuss their next move. “Details later.” She waves a hand dismissively at Simon as he opens his mouth to query her presence. “We’re here, and so is Garric Hollow. The latest intelligence suggests that a small force of Goblins are heading this way from the East, and a considerably larger force of Elves from the West. Shall we combine our forces with the Gnomes and try to arrange a unified strategy, or simply divide our forces and have our army march to meet the Goblins? Our secret base to the North can improve our garrison further if needed.”

What do you do?

The party has access to magical improvement during the journey south, thanks to Gidye secretly tagging along.

Talison +15XP (780 Total XP)
Nix +15XP (1135 Total XP)
Darrin +15XP (1105 Total XP) LEVEL UP!
Ero +15XP (505 Total XP) LEVEL UP!
Ezra +15XP (200 Total XP) LEVEL UP!
Kain +5XP (55 Total XP)

Death Lake pt. 6

HexFang cuts to the chase, wary of the mysterious stranger who looks and, more importantly to his senses, smells like an undead creature. “One, thank you. Two, Are we in the land of the dead or simply in a cave at the bottom of a lake?”

The straggly man’s voice is breathy, despite his chest barely moving as he speaks in one long continuous stream. “Why this is simply a cavern that I have come to call my home away from home; were you seeking the lands further upstream? If so, you have quite the journey to make since it can take days of journeying through airless tunnels in the dark only to reach an unforgiving place.”

’Knives shakes himself off before looking around a bit more without drawing attention to himself, happy to let HexFang take the lead with the odd looking new person. He leans slightly onto the balls of his feet, giving the appearance of a cat stretching while he steals a look at the books and the tablets, checking for any words, symbols or diagrams evident. He sees that the books appear to be tomes of magical lore and spells, while the tablets are ancient pictogram narratives. One such tablet portrays an old epic involving the heart of a Dragon being used to grant invulnerability to an old soldier.

At the surface above this cave scene, Hyln walks up and down and uneasily eyes the lake surface. After seeing nothing that indicates the arriving ascension of his companions he urges himself, against the awful stench and his fear of the dead, closer to the lake. As he draws closer he buckles to his knees, crawling on all fours until he can just barely look over the edge into the foul waters. He is unable to say anything and simply holds his hand in front of mouth and nose, fighting the growing urge to vomit. Within the briny waters, he sees only dirt and thousands of tiny air bubbles.

Gemscale loses his patience and decides to leave HexFang to his fate with the Tabaxi. To the remaining people, he takes in a sharp breath and speaks quickly and deliberately. “Shall we continue on towards the town?” He packs the eggs safely into his harness bags and begins down the road…

What do you do?

Hexfang +20XP (825 Total XP)
Gemscale +15XP (910 Total XP)
Lorrias +5XP (395 Total XP)
Hyln +15XP (155 Total XP)
Knives +15XP (175 Total XP)

Somergleam Stopoff pt. 7

The tavern surges with people all around as a conversation is had. Fallo looks at Owen appraisingly. How much should he reveal to a guardsman? It would be a juggling act indeed. Remembering that he had asked what they know of Jungfruds, Fallo thinks carefully before answering. “This and that” he says, taking a sip of his drink and settling back in the high stool. “It was a subject of conversation that found its way to my ears. A rather interesting subject of conversation considering what buzzes on these streets here in your fine town, constable. I hear they are a rather crude bunch of ruffians, but not much more than that. I don’t like seeing good folks getting roughly handled for no good reason. So, I became interested.” Fallo settled further back. He hoped he put off the right air of calm and casual. Law men were funny like that; One never knew how much they knew. They always played it close to their chest.

Cosima, eager to get on with things, turns to Laucian. “Ok, so, now about this blade.. We chased him down to that alley you found us in, Owen.” She nods to Owen, in excitement. “I took to the roofing; I wasn’t getting bogged down by the crowds – Wow! I just remembered my landing… haha that was pretty good if I do say so myself.” She drifts off a little, realising that despite her quick delivery she might begin losing the crowd if she continues in self congratulation. “ahem Anyway, then he slipped straight into the wall, he was not wanting to be caught! But that’s when Laucian found the blade and he said… Wait, what do you say it was? Not stabby-stabby, right!?!” She takes a breath and then some ale.

Laucian sighs and looks at everyone, eyeing people just in case of any attack. “It’s best not to discuss such things here, Ms.”
Cosima eyes around the pub. “Good point, well said.” She winks at Laucian and gestures toward him and Owen to start their conversation as she says: “I have just the distraction!”
And with that she drops her back sack, pulls from it her trusty harmonica and starts to play. The first note goes mostly ignored, but a few notes in most of the bar has hushed their conversation and turned to face Cosima. She walks away from the table towards the other patrons, puts on her best seductive persona and begins to try and distract everyone in the room away from their table and onto her.

“Let’s liven this place up a little, shall we? Put a little sparkle in those eyes…” She gives off a soft, alluring moan as she slides her hand over the first male patrons face under his chin as she passes. She plays a little more on the harmonica and starts to tap her feet to the beat as she walks around the room getting the attention of everyone in it. A round of clapping begins to match the stomping of her feet and the melody on the harmonica, allowing her to stop playing and start singing.

“Well I come from a land, from a far away place, who’m I kidding it’s just up the road.
But we drink and we dance and the heat is immense!” She dances around the dark-haired barmaid, and taps her on the bum. She blushes and casts a smouldering look her way.
“She’s barbaric,” Cosima nods over her shoulder to the barmaid behind her back. “but hey, he knows!” She point’s to a random male patron.

The barroom applauds and cheers, mixed with some jeering from the crowd towards the Halfling that Cosima just pointed to. She uses this break for more playing on the harmonica; the beat changes slightly but it seems a smooth transition.
She moves towards another table with a cluster of people. “Hello there, boys, got anything going on tonight?” She gives an over-the-top wink. “Gotta get home in time for the Missus?” She nods, then turns to the rest of the tavern as the jeers turn to the new table.
“Underneath the city lights,
There is a world few know about,
Where rules don’t apply, no,
And you can’t keep a good girl down!” With another key-changing blow of the harmonica, the room cheers again.

Fallo taps his foot to the rhythm of Cosima’s song. He finds her voice lovely, and not bad to look at either. It was nice to have a moment of peace in this chaotic melange he finds himself in. His eyes keep moving, however. He paid attention to the guardsman, Owen, who had been kind enough to buy drinks for the small group. He also watched Laucian. That one seemed too clever for his own good.
“A fine tavern and a fine song.” Fallo says, “A wonderful way to put the nasty business we came from behind us, yes indeed. So, constable, you must see much in all your guarding and constabling. I am sure you must have stories abounding. As I am new to your fine city, what can you tell me about it?”
Owen blinks for a moment at the wordplay before answering. “Er… The days are fine enough, if you can stand the smell of the streets. We try to cover it with flowers from the fields outside, as you could see, but other than that there’s not a lot to do about it. The price one pays for life in the big city.” It appears that Owen is not well travelled, as Somergleam would be best described as a town rather than a city. “The evenings are mostly spent filling places like this, the theatre near the palace or the temple gardens. Different people have different vices, and unfortunately most can be found somewhere in this place.”

Fallo nods in thanks and turns to Laucian. “And you, sir, Laucian, was it? You have kept your cards pretty close to your chest, yes you have. Would you be opposed to sharing exactly what ‘things’ you were referring to that you do not feel should be discussed in this fine company?” Laucian shifts and appears ready to answer before being cut off by Fallo as he continues. “I don’t wish to make you uncomfortable, no I don’t, but I may be able to be of assistance. I have a certain ‘professional’ set of skills that you all might find useful in this matter and, since you seem fine folks indeed, I would be inclined to lend those skills to your endeavors.”

Laucian and Owen blink in unison. Laucian takes a deep breath before answering. “Its strange you speak much yourself but say so little.” He drums his fingers gently on the table while looking around to make sure no-one is listening to them or watching them as his other hand writes a quick note down and passes it to the two at the table. On it has the information he thinks about the dagger itself, including the Jungfrud craft of the hilt and blade and single cutting edge. Owen reads the note and nods, a contemplative look on his face.
“Do you think they could be operating within Somergleam widely, or that this was a single hit? And aren’t they all Hobgoblins?” He takes advantage of the cheering and song to keep their conversation private.

Fallo smiles and leans back in his chair, focusing on Laucian. ‘So,’ he thinks, ‘at least one of them has something between their ears. Perhaps there was some potential here.’
“Just making converasation.” Fallo says. “You don’t learn anything without discussing it, now do you?” Owen opens his mouth to answer, but Fallo continues. “No, you don’t. Conversation is the keystone of all kinds of friendly interactions, is it not?” Owen again opens his mouth to answer and manages a brief sound, only for Laucian to place a hand on his arm to stop him. He knows that Fallo isn’t done. “It is indeed.” Fallo Continues. “I am merely trying to familarize myself with the comings and goings around here, particularly this affair we have all found ourselves involved in.”

Cosima, noticing the interaction from Laucian, finishes up her set at a table nearest the bar with a few patrons and accepts an offered ale. She takes a bow as she takes a chug of the ale, applause and cheers and whistles filling the air. As she stands, she laughs a little as she wipes a bit of ale from her chin.
The cheers die down, and she wanders off after the barmaid to enquire after a friendly establishment where she might partake in some of the towns finer, more nocturnal activities.
“There’s always the theatre up the road, dear, if you’re wanting an evening of just looking…” She eyes Cosima up and down suggestively. “… But I’d say the house fourth on Second Temple street, northside, is home to more… active pursuits.” She gives a wink and continues on her rounds.

Laucian looks at Cosima and then back to Fallo and Owen, drumming his fingers like a war drum.
Owen clears his throat and then leans in to the table, wanting to keep the conversation quiet now the singing is done with. “If the Jungfruds are moving in to Somergleam, and killing people no less, then that’s a big problem. You lads seem capable enough; I wouldn’t say no to some extra help. There’s silver in it for you. We don’t normally hire mercenaries for civil matters, but with the Goblins arranging for a seige in the morning and all this news of Dragons and Eye-monsters creeping over the Crown, I’ll take all the help we can get.”

What do you do?

Cosima +20XP (145 Total XP)
Laucian +15XP (80 Total XP)
Fallo +15XP (50 Total XP)

On the Road At Last pt. 11

Nix continues towards the exit. “We can come back later. Kill a few on the way out if you must!”

Theodore counts 15 Lizardfolk trapped by vines with a few free-flailing arms showing that at least 2 more are trying to push by and over the trapped ones to make their way out. Plus 1 Bugbear, dead, and 4 Goblins, 2 of which are dead. Lorawyn stands smirking at the trapped reptilians for just a moment, before she yells: “Come on, Theodore, we need to get out of here!”

Theodore nods and finishes his calculations, making note of how dangerous the place is for future reference. Running back up the tunnel with Lorawyn, he keeps an eye out for any reptilians that make it up to them.

Speeding away, the party manages to make it back to the pool room. With the squawks, barks and roars echoing behind them, Kain suggests leaving altogether and perhaps returning to finish them off, provided they don’t kill themselves in the meantime. He then stops and notices the group. “… Where is the loud one?”
Ero jogs up behind everyone, a brief smile flashing over his face as people turn to notice him.

What do you do?

I’d like to keep the details of Ero’s “Spare the Dying” casting ambiguous for the sake of brevity.

Could everyone please note in their first response where they wish to travel to now. Your choices are:
Continue to the Citadel of Uril
Continue to Bersault-on-the-Sea
Travel to Somergleam
Travel to Lorestar and catch up with Jila
Travel to nearby Mirfield (Human Settlement)

Death Lake pt. 5

‘Knives holds a hand out in front of HexFang and Yorun, gesturing towards the grieving stranger. “He wishes to risk his life in grief. You know you will survive the waters; can you guarantee he will?” He turns to the man on the dragon’s back and tries to reach beyond the pain and grief. “Who told you you could get her back this way? Could it be the evil one trying to cause you more pain?”
Yorun swallows hard and shares that the tales of the Lake are generations old; they were told in his village since he was young. Many in the area believe the stories. ‘Knives shakes his head and grimaces as he is convinced. Jumping onto HexFang’s back behind Yorun, he says “This foolishness is noble indeed, but I will honour the dead. If she wants to stay in those lands, I will come to make sure you honour her request. But if she wishes to return, my soul claws my provide some use.” He then flashes his sharp claws in the midday sun.

HexFang empties a canteen borrowed from Aar, handing it to ‘Knives. “You got five breaths, make them count”.
Lorrias aproaches HexFang. "Good luck, friend; I’m looking forward to your return and your findings!"
Hyln, still uneasy about the lake and it’s stories, can’t believe what is happening in front of him. “You plan to jump into the lake?” Looking at ’Knives he adds: “And you want to join her? This is foolish! A lake, a portal to the lands of death… whatever it is, it will surely not bring a soul back from the lands of the dead! And even if you were to reach this place, you might not make it back! Please, reconsider your options.” Hyln pleads.

Hexfang stares at the lake, grimacing at the stench of the place. “Well I’m as good as a dead man anyway. This man would rather live in a world with his daughter, or no world at all. ‘Knives is unexpected, but im more surprised the Wizard’s not jumping at a chance to go to the land of the dead. But I think he’s just waiting for us to make sure this isn’t just some terrible smelling lake.”

“I want to make sure what should not leave that place does not leave that place. It worries me if we can pass in what may be able to pass out.” ‘Knives shifts to find a comfortable place to sit among the scales. There isn’t one. HexFang begins to bow under the weight of the Tabaxi. Yorun thanks the two for their help and steps away from the lakeside, choosing to wait until HexFang can confirm the legends of the lake. Once everyone is ready, HexFang strides away from the side of the lake to get a run-up, charges forward and leaps up, spreading and flapping her wings as though to try and fly. She makes it three feet before quickly folding her wings as she realises she can’t carry this much weight into the air. Moments before they hit the water all the fur on ‘Knives’ body bristles. He takes a deep breath and holds on for dear life.

Gemscale watches HexFang’s actions with newfound respect. Unsure of what to do while they go swimming, Gemscale talks to Yorun. “Tell me about your daughter. What did she do for a living? I know it is hard to lose someone but I would like to hear about her if you would like to share.”
“She was a weaver by trade. She always made the most beautiful bolts. We would trade them with the local caravans; she was in demand by neighbouring villages.” He begins to weep at the memories, and Zadkiel approaches thoughtfully. He raises a hand as if to clasp it onto the man’s shoulder, but rethinks it and simply offers condolences for the loss.

Yorun continues to explain that their life was simple, and brought few dangers. Their village was sedate and happy, the hundred or so inhabitants each working hard every day. Once they let in that “Evil Queen” on her royal tour, and gave her the village chief’s lodgings, she turned into her true form of the large black Dragon, Dargyntad. It burned down the village, tortured the survivors and made off with Eriadne and some others. They were further abused and beaten, and more besides.

HexFang and ‘Knives dive into the putrid pool, the viscous fluid being incredibly difficult to swim through. After just over a minute, the Tabaxi struggles with breath, his eyes stinging in the foul water. Bringing out the empty flask, he opens it in order to take a breath of air… only for the flask to immediately fill with the salty brine. Struggling for breath, he kicks and struggles among the scales on HexFang’s back. Feeling the struggle, HexFang urges herself faster and continues quickly through the simple underwater tunnel. It turns parrallel to the ground above after a few feet and continues westward for a few hundred feet. A light can be seen ahead, just a hundred feet more… and then the air in HexFang fails her. She has run out of breath, along with ‘Knives. Struggling against the strengthening current, the two barely able to see, a strange hand plunges into the water and grasps HexFang’s claw tightly and pulls her up. The Dragon and Tabaxi gasp deeply as they feel the air against their skin.

They emerge soaked with awful and dirty water. A strip of rotting flesh from an unknown creature clings to HexFang’s leg. After getting a few lungfuls, ‘Knives blearily looks around the cavern they’ve emerged into. It’s a largely empty place, although a cobbled-together desk, bookshelf and lamp made from what appears to be driftwood and broken furniture are sat nearby. Upon them are a few thin stone tablets bound with metal rings and a few books. The mysterious benefactor stands before ’Knives and HexFang; he is a tall, gaunt man with skin hugging his skeletal features. His lips have begun to recede and his hair has mostly come away. He wears a moth-eaten shirt that was at one time worn for more fancy affairs, and plain cotton trousers. His feet are bare, revealing feet with a blue hue to them and rotten, curled toenails. With a wide grin and a flitter in his mouth that might have been a bug moving between teeth, he greets the would-be swimmers. “Hail, travellers. Here for the sights or the experience?”

What do you do?

Hexfang +15XP ( Total XP)
Gemscale +10XP ( Total XP)
Lorrias +10XP ( Total XP)
Hyln +10XP ( Total XP)
Knives +15XP ( Total XP)

Haunted Fishing Village pt. 12

Ouriana snatches the material and tilts her head as she reads the words, holding the fabric out to show Eri. “Well, this is not what I was expecting… How do we free a spirit?” Her voice low. The firelight gives her pale skin a soft glow and her horns soft definition against the dark room.
Eri reads the words a couple of times, trying to divine all possible meanings despite the brevity. ‘Trapped.’ Does he mean just him? How can a ghost be trapped? Trapped by whom? Are the demons responsible? ‘Free me.’ He must mean just he is trapped; how does one free a ghost? What bonds would keep one? ‘Look after Moira.’ It’s clear that Moira was correct and this ghost is that of her Charles. What is keeping Charles here? Why is he trapped if he’s here with his wife?

Eventually Erimeyoma blows through clenched teeth, the questions dancing around her head. Her serpentine eyes catch the small flames of the firepit and makes the light dance among the flecks of green and gold.
“At a guess, I’d say we first need to find out how he died. If there is nothing unusual there then maybe seek out a cleric. I’m not all that familiar with spirits or the afterlife.”

Another piece of fabric is picked up, presumably by the invisible Charles, but is then immediately dropped to the floor. A moment later, Moira walks back in with her pot full of water. “Tea? I’m making a fresh pot.” She gives an awkward smile without meeting anyone’s eye as she strides and clambers over the piles of rubbish strewn about the place. She places the pot of water atop a metal tripod she places over the firepit and looks about for cups. She stands up as straight as she can despite finding it more comfortable to hunch and withdraw into herself. She’s happier now, the stress of thinking herself mad seemingly on its way out. Absently moving her hand over her hair, bringing up the bit at the back to atop her head and letting it drop again, she looks from pile to pile of crockery and clothes trying to find a cup for tea.

What do you do?

Erimeyoma +10XP (145 Total XP)
Ouriana +10XP (155 Total XP)

On the Road At Last pt. 10


Adrik Donavyn Garton
Darrin Mark Boules
Ero Steven Lynch
Ezrah Alice Vondresna
Kain Shannon Field
Lorawyn Marija Bubanovic
Nix Zachary Michael Davis
Talison John Heet
Theodore Jeremy Midwinter

“Hold the line!” Ero shouts as Theodore breaks ranks, then grumbles as he braces himself for the onrush of lizardmen he suspects will chase the boy back to their little redoubt momentarily.

Ezra watches from his position, not wanting to move away from the group and lead a retreat, but not wanting to charge in against the group’s wishes. He crouches and tries to calculate how far away the horde are from him and if he’d be able to shoot down on them without the risk of hitting anyone of his companions; he can see the two lizardmen advancing on Theodore, who has broken formation with the others. Another three lizardmen struggle against a Bugbear and Goblins some fifty feet away while the two on Theodore are closer at around twenty-five feet away. A Shortbow might work, but a Longbow or Spear throw certainly wouldn’t. Ezra draws an arrow taking aim at one of the lizardmen who have broken formation and looses his arrow which glances from the shield of one of them.

Spinning from the arrow shot, the Lizardman gives a raspy cry as he thrusts his weapon at Theodore. The two reptilians clash with him, stopping to strike the plate-armoured man down with their javelins. Pulling their weapons back, they thrust forward only to ricochet from the solid armour. An ominous ring goes out as the armour protects Theodore, and the Lizardmen all raise their heads and stare for a moment before all leaving their prey and charging down the tunnel towards him. Somehow, the armour is attracting the Lizardmen. Theodore raises his arms in readiness to blow the coming onslaught.

“Could everyone PLEASE make like your chair’s been pulled out from under you, and FALL BACK!? They have a clear advantage in the number!” Darrin starts to make his way towards the exit, not turning his back on the lizardmen as he pulls his hand up to beside his face. With a twitch of his cheek the hand begins to heat the air around it. Almost without further contemplation, and with determination, he launches a firebolt as a parting shot. It streaks past Ero and Talison who hold the line and effectively block off the tunnel.

The bolt of flame knocks a Lizardman back as he leaves the Bugbear he was just attacking, granting the hulking beast the opportunity to grab its tail and pull the reptilian back into the room with the pile of gold. A loud cracking sound penetrates the cacophany of screeching and growling, followed by the deep bellow of the Bugbear, victorious. The victory is short-lived, however, as he then collapses to the ground with almost a dozen javelins sticking out of his chest and sides. More lizardmen pour out of the doorway.

Lorawyn, still disguised as a cat, sneaks around the Lizardmen and then shifts into her Dragonborn form when she’s behind them. “Pashkas-elakh” she yells as she throws one hand to the ground. A moment of fear might have been felt by lesser initiates, but Lorawyn’s experience and connection to the Feyweave assures her that the seconds she is spending being vulnerable will bear fruit. A feral-looking Lizardman emerging from the doorway slows from following his companions, looks the scarlet Druid up and down and pulls his Javelin back in readiness to strike. Loarwayn locks eyes with the reptilian and doesn’t flinch as the javelin thrusts forward and stops barely an inch from her eye. The lizardman’s eyes bulge as he strains against the pale root that has burst from the rocky cave floor and wrapped around his wrist and shoulder. Another shoot bursts forth and stops his legs and other arm. Lorawyn gives a small smirk as all the way through to Theodore every Lizardman stands stuck by vines and roots from the walls and floor of the cave tunnel.

In the tunnel above, Nix looks at the goblin. “Let’s take this one with us. Something about him reminds me of something…” Nix begins dragging the bound goblin out. “Little help please?” Kain gives a disappointed grunt as he leaves Ezra’s side and joins Nix in retreating with the Goblins.

Roll for Initiative (1d20 + your Dexterity modifier). What do you do?

Talison +10XP ( Total XP)
Nix +10XP ( Total XP)
Darrin +15XP ( Total XP)
Ero +10XP ( Total XP)
Ezra +15XP ( Total XP)
Adrik +5XP ( Total XP)
Lorawyn +20XP ( Total XP)
Theodore +15XP ( Total XP)
Kain +5XP ( Total XP)

Somergleam Stopoff pt. 6

“To the alehouse, we go… Laucian, is it? You and I have a little to explain. I would much prefer to be doing it with ale or at least a fine wine than standing in this alleyway!” Cosima says to Laucian and Owen, and with out giving Laucian much of a choice she leads the men out of the alley, stopping to eye Fallo up and down. “You might as well come too! I can never have enough men to play with, and it sounds like this ale house will wet us all!!” She gestures for Owen to lead the way.

Laucian almost stumbles at the sudden turning around and he eyes the small gnomish woman slightly amused. “You do have a way with words, don’t you milady.”

Fallo gives a sweeping bow. “Why thank you for the invitation.” The group all walk toward the ale house, led by Cosima but directed by Owen.
“I’m Fallo Silverdale. I’m new to Somergleam, but never new to a good ale at a fine alehouse. This place is full of surprises; it seems I run into one around every corner. Say, none of you have heard of the Jungfruds or Young Fuds, or whatever the kids are calling themselves these days? A little bird whispered the name into my ear just the other day. Sounded interesting so I thought I might look into it.”

Before anyone could answer, the door of the ale house is reached. The inside smells strongly of pipe smoke and spilt stale ale, although the general atmosphere of the busy establishment is one of jovial merriment and pleasant conversation. Owen purchases a round as he pushes through the crowd and returns to the small table that was able to be obtained. As the four crowd around the table while sitting on stools that seem more suited to Halfling folk, given their steps, high seat and the low table, the conversation returns to that outside. “Jungfruds? What do you hear of them, friend?” Owen asks while sipping his ale.

What do you do?

Cosima +10XP (105 Total XP)
Laucian +10XP (65 Total XP)
Fallo +10XP (35 Total XP)


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